Bruce Enz

Curriculum Vitae



Co-author of over 50 official MDAI reports on multidisciplinary accident investigations for the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Classification of Information Generated in a Motor Vehicle Crash Sequence, “Mechanisms of Head and Spine Trauma,” Robert Brenner, Ph.D., P.E., President of The Institute for Safety Analysis, Rockville, Maryland; and, Bruce E. Enz, Director of Accident Investigation and Analysis, The Institute for Safety Analysis, Rockville, Maryland.

Seventh International System Safety Conference, “Collision Forensics – The Crash – The Injury,” Bruce E. Enz.

“Fiber-Plastic Fusions in Traffic Accident Reconstruction,” Stephanie Masakowski, M.F.S., Bruce E. Enz, B.A., James E. Cothern, and Walter F. Rowe, Ph.D.

Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, “Mathematical approach to Side Underride Vehicular Accidents,” Bruce E Enz, Yoshiki Oshida , Douglas N. Head, John E. Tomassoni, and Anthony Sances Jr.

Analysis of Side Underride Crashes Misconceptions and the Problems; Accident Investigation Quarterly, Issue 27, Summer 2001; Angela Trego Ph.D., Bruce Enz, AA, BA, Douglas N. Head, PETrego A, Enz B, Head D and Oshida Y. A Scientific Approach to Tractor-Trailer Side Underride Analysis. In: Advances in Vehicle Aggressivity and Compatibility, Side and Rear Impact and Rollover Protection, SP-1775, Society of Automotive Engineers, Warrendale, PA, SAE Technical Paper No. 2003-01-0178, pp. 41-47, 2003.

Biomedical Engineering Analysis of Glass Impact Injuries: Anthony Sances Jr., Fred Carlin, Srirangam Kumaresan, & Bruce Enz.